Tuesday, July 1, 2008

call for entries.

one pot + bumbershoot = 1968.
40 years. a 40 foot table. and a pile of film.

bumbershoot is the largest art and music festival in the northwest. 400 bands, many writers, many artists, and four curators.

one pot is a multidisciplinary study of the common table. we have traveled to ethiopia, guatemala, brazil, gore vidal's living room, under bridges, in condemned warehouses, dark rock clubs, farms, streams, islands to "table-make" and reinvigorate an endangered cultural phenomenon: the common table.

bumbershoot asked one pot to be one of the four curators at this years festival - we said yes - and decided that we should call it a residency. we also decided that we should focus our table-making on the legacy of '68 - the fateful year that witnessed the largest global uprising known to man.

we are building a forty foot table from one tree that fell recently in this city. we will invite the artists, musicians, writers, and the public of bumbershoot to join our table, share food from a single pot and engage in a spirited conversation about civil disobedience, radicalism, political action, revolution, and the current state of bemused disinterest we seem to have lapsed into. why did the world erupt 40 years ago? what is different now? what is the same?

we are also asking several dozen individuals and organizations around the globe to join us in considering this legacy. people in rome, prague, mexico city, shanghai, london, chicago, rio, buenos aires, nyc (the list continues) will find some sliver of a day sometime this summer to gather a group (small or large) and find a table (small or large) and in some way underline the anniversary that is upon us. dinners, picnics, a table at a bar, eating while driving, and a couple events that wont have anything to do with a table. all we need is 10-40 minutes of raw film of the proceedings. it can be visual, it can be surreal, it can be comprehensive, it can be intellectual, it can be mute, it can be entirely dull. we have a large editing team that will turn this footage into loops of video that will fill the walls of our dining hall/gallery at bumbershoot. twenty thousand people will walk through this gallery - it will in some way move people.

the footage will also be broadcast from a multilayered website and blog. we will ask our global event hosts and participants to submit a little bit of writing and take part in the blog. our only goal is to broaden the conversation and share a table, food, drink, ideas.

if you want in - want to host a dinner - want to gather people - want - shoot us a line at onepotorg@gmail.com

deadline for footage is august 25th.